Unflagging Love brings baby over anatomical hurdle

Unflagging Love brings baby over anatomical hurdle

A man with a severe congenital defect, which makes him anatomically incapable of consummating marriage, has been blessed with a miracle- he has become a father. Sailesh Patel (28) never thought he would marry, leave alone father a child. Patel was twice lucky – one, he found a woman who loved him enough to overlook his incapacity. Second, his doctors found that while his private organ was malformed, he did produce semen which was being thrown back into his bladder.

“The couple consulted us and presented their unique problem,” says gynaecologist and IVF specialist Dr. SHITAL PUNJABI.”The girl was deeply in love with her husband and insisted that she wanted only her husband’s child. She did not want to get pregnant using donor sperm which is the conventional mode of treatment in such cases”.

Punjabi said that even Sailesh’s bladder wall was not formed, leading to a constant flow of urine. He underwent five plastic surgeries in which his bladder was reconstructed. 

He grew up and fell in love with pakhi. When sailesh said he could not marry her, Pakhi said that love was blind to every genetic abnormality. The two married.

he boy did not know whether he could produce sperm or not,” says Punjabi. 

“We carried out a hormone test which showed that he was producing sperm. Since there was no ejaculation, more tests were carried out which revealed that he had retrograde ejaculation by which the semen was being pumped back into the bladder.”


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