Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer is one of the process in IVF treatment- assisted reproductive technology. After the ovum pick up, M2 oocytes are injected with sperm using ICSI, in embryology Lab and next Fertilization check is being done, and number og embryos and growth and culture conditions of lab, embryos are cultured upto D3 or D5.

Patient is taken into IVF OT with full bladder, and with full aseptic precautions, patient is prepared for EMBRYO TRANSFER. The 1 to 3 selected Embryos, are loaded in inner catheter, by Embryologist, in EMBRYOLOGY LAB, and outer catheter is inserted, THROUGH CERVIX INTO ENDOMETRIAL CAVITY, by the treating clinician in EMBRYO TRANSFER OT, under ULTRASONOGRAPHY GUIDANCE, and inner catheter is introduced in outer catheter, and embryos are released in the uterus at MIP, maximum implantation potential point . slowly, inner catheter is removed and checked under the microscope for any embryos trapped in the catheter.

Patient is then shifted to room, and allowed to walk and go home in couple of hours with medicines required for LUTEAL PHASE SUPPORT.


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