Menopause- considered as- cessation of periods for more than 1 year, in general language.

Usual age of Menopause is 45 -50 years.

Medically, it is a phase of life, where in Ovaries stop producing eggs and reduce the production of female sexual hormones- estrogen and progesterone.


Elevated follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels are measured to confirm menopause. When a woman’s FSH blood level is consistently elevated to 30 mIU/mL or higher, and she has not had a menstrual period for a year, it is generally accepted that she has reached menopause.

Reports to be done – during Paramenopausal age:

what are the reports or investigations that every woman should do after the age of 40 that will help her to be healthy and graceful till the age of 70.
Let us know how we can do that.

Menopause is a phase that may be troublesome for lot of women. Menopause can occur at any age between the ages of 40 to 55 years. This period varies for each woman and symptoms varies from irregular menstruation as well as your mood changes i.e. crying for no reason, anger for no reason, irritability, the body feels very hot, weight gain. Despite trying hard, the weight does not decrease. These symptoms are found in every woman which may be related to menopause.
For this, consult your gynecologist.

The first thing is gynecological checkup. Every woman should get gynecological checkup every two years after the age of 40. The gynecologist can give you a systematic diagnosis and treatment .So gynec visit is essential after the age of 40.

Second thing is that every woman should get sonography and mammography every two years after the age of 40. We have the highest number of cases of breast cancer in India as well as various breast related diseases such as lumps Or watery Or any discharge from nipple, skin changes of breast.To avoid such problems, sono mammography should be done every two years and a report should be shown to your gynecologist.

The third thing is to send a Pap smear for cervical examination. Cervical examination is necessary because with that you can diagnose any problems, any cervical disease or major disease like cancer earlier which can occur in future.
In India There are many cases of cervical cancer, in which women are unhygienic, or do not have access to good medical facilities. For Every woman should have Pap smear test every two years after the age of 40.
This is a very normal test in which you have to go to the doctor. The same doctor takes a biopsy and sends it to the laboratory. Every woman needs to get this done so that not only now but in coming 10 years, we can diagnose the problem and prevent cancer.

The fourth report that is needed is BMD scan i.e. Bone Mass Density Scan. Nowadays not only women above 40s but also women above 30 years of age have problems like bone pain, joint pain, body aches which are the main reasons of calcium deficiency, you should have a BMD scan after the age of 40. This test shows how much calcium is in your bones.Calcium supplements should be started as per the advice of a gynecologist after undergoing this test to know how much individualized calcium medication should be taken.

Don’t let yourself suffer from menopausal issues. Contact your gynecologist. There are two main types of menopausal treatments. One is hormonal treatment and the other is non-hormonal treatment. doctor will check you and determine what type of treatment is ideal for you. Must consult gynecologist so that your issues can be solved with just a few vitamins and nutrients and supportive medicines.


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